Converge Mentoring

Converge Mentoring, Coming 2024

Beginning in January 2024, Converge will be offering multiple short-term virtual mentoring groups for young professionals led by Dr. Jeff Williamson. 

Format will be 4-6 weeks, live group sessions on Zoom. Each weekly session will be approximately 60 minutes, with additional resources provided.  

The weekly sessions will consist of 30 minutes of content instruction, then 30 minutes of dialogue, and question & answer with Dr. Williamson related to that week’s topics.

Some sample topics include:

  • Developing Leadership Skills
  • Building Strong Relationships
  • Strengthening Trust in Teams
  • Discover Your Strengths
  • Resolving Interpersonal Conflict
  • Professional Presentation Skills
  • Community Engagement
  • Growing Your Network on LinkedIn
  • Other topics will be added

For more information please reach out to our team!