Leading Up To The New Year

As the year comes to a close, many take the time to reflect on the year that they had, not just personally, but professionally. Leaders serve their people well when they take the time to set healthy goals for themselves as professionals. Leaders are already busy tackling new projects, clients, and the ins and outs of business. One of the best gifts you can give your people is the gift of reflection and goal setting outside of your normal work responsibilities. 

Here are some areas to consider as you step into a new years a leader:

  1. Work to place your people in a position where they accept accountability, because it enables them to feel empowered in their specific tasks. Creating a culture where your people feel capable and entrusted to their work well will help grow a culture of accountability. Have active conversations with your people to ensure they feel this empowerment. 
  2. Assess whether your people truly feel trust is a vital part of the work environment. It is easy to say that people trust each other at work, but does their behavior communicate that? 
  3. Be less controlling and focus more on facilitating your people when it comes to the work that they do. Your leadership will grow greatly when you find ways to support your people through their work instead of always being connected to everything that is happening. 
  4. Assess whether your people feel communication was done well this year. Do they need more communication? More specific communication? More meetings, less meetings, no meetings?
  5. Find ways to break down barriers by actively working to eliminate conflict before you enter the new year. What kind of conversations need to happen to ensure your people are starting off on the right foot?

Here’s to a new year of not just business growth, but leadership growth for you and your people!