Rachel Druckenmiller, Leadership LevelUp Podcast - Episode 46

On the latest installment of Converge, we welcome back Rachel Druckenmiller, a beacon of inspiration for authentic living. As she prepares for her TEDx Talk in Rockville, Rachel shares the challenges of distilling her vibrant message into a captivating 18-minute presentation. From food blogger to finalist among hundreds for a coveted speaking spot, Rachel’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

In this episode, Rachel dives deep into the “Unmute Your Plate” philosophy—a concept that not only paved the path for her transformative health journey but also serves as a metaphor for her personal manner of embracing true self-expression. She reveals how losing out on a TEDx event in Syracuse opened the door to becoming a finalist for TEDx Rockville, where she promises to enchant the audience with an amalgamation of storytelling and song.

With her roots as the Director of Wellbeing and the creative force behind “Rachel’s Nourishing Kitchen,” Rachel embodies the essence of leadership. She illustrates her process of continuous self-discovery and the courage it took to lift the veil of self-suppression—a journey that’s seen her bloom with the same unapologetic beauty as a butterfly, or the show-stopping allure of a peacock.

Listeners, prepare to be moved by Rachel’s powerful message of self-worth, as she advocates for the unmitigated expression of one’s talents and gifts. Through her insights, you’ll understand why it’s essential to “unmute” oneself, allowing for a more genuine connection with others and leading to richer, more authentic relationships.

During the discussion, hosts Brian and Jeff highlight the importance of tools like Clifton strengths and the predictive index. These tools provide clarity in recognizing one’s unique capabilities. Rachel, being defined as a “captain” through an assessment, underscores the significance these revelations have for personal growth and leadership.

Stepping into authenticity may challenge existing norms, but Rachel reminds us that embracing our individuality is crucial to fostering a fulfilling life and stronger bonds.

To gain more wisdom from Rachel and other exceptional leaders, make sure to follow Converge. Join us in this episode as we toast to Rachel’s upcoming TEDx Talk and champion her message of believing in oneself.

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Meet Your Guest

Rachel Druckenmiller

Rachel Druckenmiller, a woman of insight and self-improvement, has an intriguing journey of self-discovery and empowerment. She understands the value of assessment tools, advocating for them as a mirror to our own intricate personalities, revealing strengths that can set us free from self-imposed silences. Having experienced their transformative power firsthand, Rachel has become a champion of these tools, enlightening others on the significance of finding their unique voice.

The pivotal moment in her life came sometime between 2014 and 2016, when, in her professional capacity, Rachel encountered the Predictive Index. The assessment offered her profound personal insights that reshaped her understanding of herself. As she sat with an HR consultant, absorbing the feedback from the Predictive Index results, Rachel experienced a breakthrough, which she would use to fuel her mission of helping others ‘get unmuted’.

Rachel’s story is one of transformation and passion. She continues to encourage the use of assessments like the CliftonStrengths and Predictive Index as compasses to navigate the rich landscapes of our individuality, driving home the message that understanding oneself is the first step towards unbridled expression and authentic living.

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Being a boss and a leader are very different. A boss tells you what to do and a leader partners with you in the process. Jeff, being a leader of leaders, has a vast knowledge of best practices and exercises to discover leadership traits. Brian shares stories with Jeff about the ups and downs of his leadership quest while talking to business and community leaders to discuss their personal leadership journey. Who influenced them? What do they do when they have a bad day? What gives them inspiration? Do french fries or tacos or ice cream make them feel better after a bad day? Through laughter and casual conversation, Brian and Jeff explore all aspects of good leadership.

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