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I Love Millenials pt.1

I LOVE MILLENIALS!!!…..there… I said it.

Seriously, I love them. I love their energy, creative minds, fresh perspectives, and a willingness to engage their communities and critical issues that are important to them. I work pretty much every day of my life with lots and lots of millennials. Because of that, and the good I see in them, please pardon my fatigue with some pretty harsh stereotypes and statements in my news feeds, about my twenty-something and early 30’s friends and colleagues.

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Giving Life to Your Vision

‘Before something can become a habit, it must first be practiced as a discipline…On a daily basis, effective servant leaders recalibrate their commitment to their vision-purpose, picture of the future, and values’ – Ken…

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No Regrets

“Without fail, people feel compelled to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do because of your age. Don’t listen to them. Successful people certainly don’t. They follow their heart and let…

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Recovering Perfectionist

Early in my professional career (think 20-something), I tried to constantly figure out the best pathway to success, to advancement, to soaring, to being AMAZING! Being a competitive, driven person, I wanted to…

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Why Mentoring Matters

“Reaching the level where your life’s work and mission continue in perpetuity requires not only being a leader yourself, but developing the people who follow you to be effective leaders as well” (Rath &…

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