No Regrets

“Without fail, people feel compelled to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do because of your age. Don’t listen to them. Successful people certainly don’t. They follow their heart and let their passion– not the body they are living in–be their guide” Travis Bradberry, 2017.     

So, what challenges or goals are you facing (or considering), that may bring on self-doubt, questions or fears? Considering your first triathlon, taking up an instrument, painting lessons, joining a networking group, or (gulp) starting your own company?

Maybe it’s your comfort with the familiar, or looking goofy, or even the fear of failure. It could be something else, though. Maybe you have a tendency to talk yourself out of challenges before they really even start? Anyone ever thought some of these phrases:  “I’m not smart enough”, or “not educated enough”, “not experienced enough” or all of the “I could never do that” false assumptions ?

If I may, let me offer an option besides defaulting to our self-limiting fears and doubts. What if you just tried anyway? I don’t mean a half-hearted, “going-through-the-motions” trying. I mean trying with all your heart! Many of the things we think we might not be able to do, or that we don’t try, (because of fear)….we could actually do if we got a little coaching, some help with a plan, began with the basics, mustered some courage, and decided to GO FOR IT!?  

Why not give it a try? Let me encourage you try a new challenge, get out of that cushy comfort zone, and give yourself a chance? I’ve talked to many people over the years who tell me, that they have greater regrets over the things they did NOT do. I don’t want to live with regrets, and I’m guessing maybe you don’t either. Besides, you might just surprise yourself!