Giving Life to Your Vision

‘Before something can become a habit, it must first be practiced as a discipline…On a daily basis, effective servant leaders recalibrate their commitment to their vision-purpose, picture of the future, and values’ – Ken Blanchard, The Servant Leader, p. 85-86.

What is YOUR vision? Your purpose, your picture of the future, your values? Are you taking action steps, even small ones, to set some initial goals, longer term goals, stretch goals? Each one will move you forward toward your preferred future, but it’s up to you.

The only way you can get there is to start where you are. What will it look like when you get 1, 2, and 3 months down the road? Or 6 months, a year? What you do now, builds a foundation for what you want to do a few weeks, months, or even a year “out there”. Avoid the temptation to let the size of your dreams deter you. Just make progress and keep grinding it out. One of my favorite authors, Mark Batterson, has written a book called “Chase the Lion” and the sub-title states: if your dreams don’t scare you they are too small. Pretty daunting if you try and tackle that all at once, but it can be done, and it only happens if you move forward, take a step, then another, and another.

You have probably heard the concept of a personal “board of directors” or an accountability group. Those trusted friends or colleagues with whom you can share your intentions, goals, and vision. I’ve also learned that by connecting and gathering other smart, hard-working people around me, that they can see opportunities or challenges that I may not have considered.

Besides, when you take the risk and face the nerves of sharing your vision with a trusted circle of friends, your words “put it out there” and give greater life to your goals. Plus, they can help you refine your focus, validate your capabilities, and keep you energized to do what you are most passionate about. We only get one trip through this life, right, so why delay?