Reflect on Employee Management in the Evolving Workplace

“What can leaders do today to potentially save the world? Gallup has found one clear answer: Change the way your people are managed.” – Jon Clifton, CEO, GALLUP

It’s important to consider and reflect upon the ways the workplace has changed and evolved over the last few decades. Many would say that they are keeping up with the changes that come with new generations of employees, but how often are leaders truly taking the time to discuss these changes WITH those different generations of employees to ensure that their employees feel they are effectively managed?

Consider discussing and brainstorming the following with your people:

  • Do your people feel that leadership is interesting in investing time and energy into their development as employees? Could your people give a tangible example of that being demonstrated?
  • How do THEY feel employee engagement is? Oftentimes, frustration builds if employees feel not every member is pulling their own weight. These conversations, while uncomfortable, need to happen to ensure accountability is a priority. 
  • Do your people feel their well-being is being taken seriously? This is critical with the younger generations. 
  • Do your people feel that communication is effective? Do they know expectations? Do they keep up with their own communication growth? Are expectations understood to the degree that miscommunication is not very common? 
  • Do they feel growth opportunities are experiences given to them or just more responsibilities? If more responsibilities are given, do they understand and appreciate what they mean for them as an employee?

How are you assessing how you manage your people this year?

Great leaders never stop growing and learning.

Professional coaching is one great resource to utilize for both developed leaders as well as new leaders.

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