Playing To The Strengths Of Your Entire Team

As a well-oiled machine runs smooth, a business playing to the unique strengths of its team will run effectively and efficiently.

As a leader of a group or business, it is imperative that you take the time to learn and understand the strengths your team members have. By focusing on strengths instead of weaknesses, you can fine tune how each individual’s abilities will play a role in overall success. Rather than trying to force a puzzle piece where it doesn’t belong, focus on where they fit just right.

Not only will your business run effectively and efficiently, but the morale of your staff will surely rise and shine.

Growth and stretching is still needed and encouraged – but don’t force fit a team together to try and take the easy way out. Be the leader, be the guide, build your team strong.

As a boss and or a leader within the business, it is important to know your employee’s strengths and place them in positions that accentuate their strengths. As a leader it can be beneficial to have your group members identify their strengths and talk through them so that you are on the same page for goals and positions. 

One thing you do not want to do is use your employees to merely fill in the gaps or make up for someone else’s weakness. This will not only discourage your team, but lead to greater loses and short comings.

The more your employees are using their strengths, the more likely they are to enjoy and excel at their work – which can not only help, but encourage others to do the same. The majority of satisfaction of the workplace comes from the ability to produce high quality work and the ability to improve oneself.  By fostering an environment where workers can play into their strengths will lead to an overall satisfaction of your group. 

When you play into the strengths of your group, the quality of work that is produced will be superior to the work produced by a group who isn’t playing into their strengths. Along with that, when your employee’s strengths are being used to their full potential, the work will inevitably get done faster as well. 

The reality is that no team or business is perfect. There will be missing pieces. However, by knowing what strengths your team presents, you can then evaluate other areas of growth for each team member allowing those gaps to be filled with learned strengths. This also leaves an open position for a new member to come in with their particular skill-set and further the team in reaching shared goals. 

How can you learn more about your employees strengths? We highly recommend investing in The CliftonStrengths® Assessment! You can also explore all of Gallup’s resources to learn more about making the best of your teams strengths.

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