Navigating Leadership in a Hybrid Work Environment

Whether you are in a position where your leadership requires tangible meetings each day, it’s likely that you experience some of the impacts of the transition into a hybrid workplace, even if that is only with clients and customers.

How can you be a better leader in a hybrid work environment? Here are some tips!

  • Understand that culture still matters and this goes beyond the people you do work with each day. Your customers and clients will likely pick up on the culture of your workplace simply based on the way your people communicate via email and phone call. Looking to up your leadership when it comes to hybrid leadership? Ensure your people all have the same standard for communication to ensure your clients respect the culture you are trying to create and maintain. 
  • Find ways to ensure that your people, if hybrid, feel connected. This will take intentionality, especially if video chat is not a common practice. Body language and tone are incredibly hard to perceive if you are never truly interacting with certain people. Find ways to conduct regular check-ins to ensure their needs do not go unnoticed. 
  • Understand that burn-out is at an all-time high, and while hybrid work allows for many to work remotely, it does not mean that they are accessible at all hours of the day. Create an understanding of healthy work-life balance. 
  • Pay attention to the direction of your people. Are your team members working together? Are they all on the same page? Are they separating into smaller groups due to miscommunication or misunderstanding? Find ways to ensure your people are always on the same page. 

Hybrid is often deemed an enemy in many places, but it truly can be beneficial depending on the nature of your workplace. If it’s part of your day-to-day, find ways to create a hybrid work environment that shows itself fruitful in your leadership!