Leadership During the Holiday Seasons

As the holiday season is approaching, leadership does not slow down. While many business professionals are slammed with end of year tasks, it is important to pull back and remember some tips on how to navigate the holiday season while leading people.

Don’t stretch yourself OR your employees too thin.

Come January, work will still be there. While deadlines are necessary, remember that the holiday season is a time for your employees to find joy in their celebrations and family. It will serve your organization well to ensure they feel this on a deep level. 

Be intentional about the time off that is given.

While you may enjoy working from home during your holiday season, your employees may not. Consider the time off and encourage your people to protect that time off greatly. 

As the year comes to a close, work to use these months for praise for all that this year has brought and the success of your people.

Growth is always necessary, but those hard conversations can happen in the new year. Find ways to encourage your people as they step into a new year and it is likely that those hard conversations won’t be as hard. 

Find ways to give back, with your employees.

One of the most bonding experiences you could ever give your company is the opportunity to give back together. 

Don’t forget bonuses, if that fits with the structure of your company.

This token of appreciation is always incredibly timely, especially during the holiday season that comes with added expenses. Simply put, value your people!