How Spring Can Grow Us as Leaders

“Every single cell in the human body replaces itself over a period of seven years. That means there’s not even the smallest part of you now that was part of you seven years ago.” – Steven Hall

As a leader, this is exciting, because you are growing.
As a leader, this is a responsibility, because your people are growing.

That being said, how are you choosing to grow in this new season? 

  • Have you taken the time to plant the seeds for those around you to grow? Checking in with your people is imperative, but don’t wait until you expect to see growth to check in with them. Keeping an open dialogue with your people throughout the months of ‘planting’ will likely set them up for the success you are hoping to see in a new season. 
  • How are you fostering the culture (soil) at your workplace? Being intentional with the right soil you are placing people is critical for true growth to happen. Consider the weeds that are preventing your company, culture, or soil from producing the results that you want. Discuss these weeds often and openly, not just in your own work-life, but in the lives of your people.
  • Prune back what needs to be gone. Assess the performance of your people – and yourself – often enough that you can honestly and compassionately communicate and decide together what is working and what isn’t working. 

You may not be a gardener by trade, but your responsibility to your people carries some very similar disciplines.

Plant what you want to see in the upcoming months. Invest in the measures needed to ensure that you and your people are successful. Assess areas that need improvement, so in a few months, you can see the fruit of your labor and intentionality.