Leaders Foster Encouragement and Motivation in the Workplace

As leaders, we can likely point to someone in our lives who was encouraging and motivating when it comes to personal and professional growth. As a leader, how are you being intentional with your encouragement in the lives of others?

When it’s all said and done, people who are motivated tend to perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Research shows that while it is important that people are committed to doing their job, when faced with challenges, their ability to pivot and persist can often be traced back to how encouraged they feel in their work. 

When people feel they are making a difference and that what they do is recognized and appreciated, they often are more likely to give beyond an average employee, because they have connected with a deeper purpose – one that has been shown to them by leadership. 

Here are some fundamental ways to demonstrate encouragement to your people:

  1. Recognize team members who go above and beyond. These people do so because they are passionate, and will continue to do that when their effort is appreciated. 
  2. Celebrate victories, but also progress being made. Creating a shared sense of purpose and accomplishment gives people a place in the bigger picture of the business. 
  3. Praise the effort of your people, not just their results. Often in the work life, certain seasons can feel like a marathon, and people can become frustrated and burnt out. Taking the time to speak praise over their efforts will go a long way.
  4. Create a spirit of community by giving your people opportunities to speak to the goodness and effort of other employees. This will foster a sense of community rooted in encouragement. 

This can be challenging as a leader, and certainly takes time to do this. Great leaders push themselves outside of their comfort zones and make time for the betterment of their people.