Donnie Bedney, The Leadership LevelUp Podcast - Ep. 47

On this episode of Leadership Level Up, we’re thrilled to welcome Donnie Bedney to the studio, an expert who has pioneered advancements in the field of employee assessment and development through his company, PSP Metrics.

Discover how PSP Metrics has emerged as a leader in helping organizations rigorously assess and develop system operators within the energy and utilities sectors. Donnie shares insightful stories about his company’s journey, from its early days focusing on operator assessments to its expansion into diverse fields like restaurant management and construction.

During the episode, Donnie talks about the operational challenges faced by large utilities, especially in Texas, and the strategic importance of having the right people in critical roles. With a personal touch, he explains their unique approach of creating custom norms for organizations, which not only assists in hiring but in development and retention of crucial staff.

He also discusses PSP Metrics’ specialized work in executive selection and coaching, highlighting how these tailored programs aid organizations in recognizing and nurturing leadership potential. Donnie illustrates the application of personality tools in both developmental and selection contexts using a unique baseball analogy — emphasizing the need for a well-rounded team where everyone plays to their strengths.

Tune in to gain invaluable insights on optimizing human capital—the most valuable asset in any organization—and learn how the tailored approach at PSP Metrics can reform your hiring practices and uplift your team dynamics.

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Meet Your Guest

Donnie Bedney

For over fifteen years, Donald (Donnie) L. Bedney III has made it his personal mission to drive change through people.

He is the President of PSP Metrics, a talent assessment company that he acquired at the end of 2020. Founded in 1946, PSP Metrics provides highly innovative and science-backed solutions in employee selection and development.

Mr. Bedney is also currently an Operating Partner at ScaleCo Management, an investment-based platform that aims to provide sustainable growth for profitable companies that have plateaued.

Throughout his career, he has achieved extensive experience in Consulting, Human Resources, Healthcare, and Private Equity.

As the Chief Human Capital Strategist of Duma Works, he was selected to participate in a US-Africa initiative, wherein US business leaders were placed in prominent African companies. Through this, he was able to serve as a Chief Operating Officer for a technology start-up in Kenya.

In his previous role as a Consultant for Gallup, Mr. Bedney was heavily involved in growing customer engagement and maximizing employee productivity. Key results include a $2.5 million increase in annual revenue over the North-East and Mid-Atlantic Regions for HealthCare Practice.

He was also the Regional Director in Press Ganey, where he managed strategic accounts worth $20 million and brought in sales of $2.4 million in just eight months.

Prior to this role, he was also the Director and one of the founding team members of Art & Science Collaborative, a venture development firm, as well as the head of HR at the Allied Athlete group.

Mr. Bedney holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from Oakwood University and an MBA in Finance and Sports Management from Seton Hall University.

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