Evelyn Magley, The Leadership LevelUp Podcast - Ep. 42

On the latest engaging installment of Converge, we’re thrilled to feature a return conversation with the visionary CEO of The Basketball League (TBL), Evelyn Magley. Jeff Williamson and Brian Prairie delve deep into both the impact of TBL on communities and the impressive expansion of the league under Evelyn’s leadership.

Evelyn Magley, an accomplished leader and former educator, is the driving force behind TBL. She has nurtured the league’s growth from 8 to 49 teams, even amidst the challenges of the pandemic. With her at the helm, TBL not only promotes the sport of basketball but also emphasizes the importance of community involvement and empowerment. Her experience in education and non-profit activities enriches the league’s mission to serve and uplift local areas, making her expertise invaluable to the conversation.

The talk traverses a series of compelling topics, from how kids prioritize attending games for the sheer joy and safe environment it provides to the league’s players’ heartfelt dedication to giving back to the community. Evelyn explains how the league’s diverse team ownership models have helped foster an unwavering sense of community pride and brought about revenue to support local economies.

In this episode get a closer look at the Basketball Super League’s introduction and its aim to present larger venues, paid players, and a broader fan base. Learn how TBL’s strategic organization of teams in “pods” reduces costs and nurtures a family-oriented, philanthropic culture, especially significant during the pandemic.

Explore the soul of leadership with Evelyn as she talks about the core principles of effective listening, self-acceptance, self-discovery, and the wealth of authenticity in work. These insights are particularly relevant to young people navigating societal pressures. The profound discussion extends to the league’s positive impact on crime rates during game nights and how the downtime during the pandemic led many to reevaluate their lives and engage in philanthropic actions.

Wrap up the episode with unforgettable leadership lessons, as Evelyn encourages involvement and support for The Basketball League. Plus, there’s a hint at some big future plans, with aspirations to bring this meaningful engagement to more communities across North America and beyond.

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Meet Your Guest

Evelyn Magley

Evelyn Magley, a pioneering leader, made history as the first female owner of a professional sports league. Co-founding The Basketball League (TBL) with her husband in 2019, she has been a beacon of inspiration.

With faith as her guide, Evelyn Magley focuses on empowering young athletes with life skills, financial literacy, and community outreach.

Born in Kansas, she was the first African American homecoming queen at her high school and went on to graduate from The University of Kansas. She is a renowned keynote speaker, sharing her wisdom on leadership and professional development.

Her life’s mission is to build stronger communities, promote financial literacy, and inspire future leaders with messages of kindness, love, understanding, and respect.

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Brian Prairie

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