Evelyn Magley, The Leadership LevelUp Podcast - Ep. 33

Join hosts Jeff Williamson and Brian Prairie as they sit down with a true trailblazer, Evelyn Magley, on this episode of Leadership Level Up. Magley made history as she became the first African American woman CEO of a men’s professional sports league, ‘The Basketball League.’ In a captivating conversation, Jeff and Brian delve into the core of leadership, exploring Evelyn’s leadership style and the lessons you can glean from her incredible journey.

Evelyn’s leadership philosophy is simple yet profound—lead by example. She shares how her experiences as an educator and now as a league CEO have taught her the importance of setting the standard for others. With 49 teams in the league, Evelyn reveals the power of a strong onboarding process, community engagement, and fostering a culture that emphasizes values beyond performance on the court.

Discover how ‘The Basketball League’ is about more than just basketball; it’s a force for positive change and community-building. Magley’s emphasis on financial literacy, community outreach, and empowering players to be ambassadors for change sets an inspiring example for leaders.

Tune in to gain valuable insights into how leadership can transform not only a sports league, but also the communities it touches. This episode underscores the incredible impact of investing in players and communities, and how sports can serve as a powerful platform for a broader message.

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Meet Your Guest

Evelyn Magley

Evelyn Magley, a pioneering leader, made history as the first female owner of a professional sports league. Co-founding The Basketball League (TBL) with her husband in 2019, she has been a beacon of inspiration.

With faith as her guide, Evelyn Magley focuses on empowering young athletes with life skills, financial literacy, and community outreach.

Born in Kansas, she was the first African American homecoming queen at her high school and went on to graduate from The University of Kansas. She is a renowned keynote speaker, sharing her wisdom on leadership and professional development.

Her life’s mission is to build stronger communities, promote financial literacy, and inspire future leaders with messages of kindness, love, understanding, and respect.

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Being a boss and a leader are very different. A boss tells you what to do and a leader partners with you in the process. Jeff, being a leader of leaders, has a vast knowledge of best practices and exercises to discover leadership traits. Brian shares stories with Jeff about the ups and downs of his leadership quest while talking to business and community leaders to discuss their personal leadership journey. Who influenced them? What do they do when they have a bad day? What gives them inspiration? Do french fries or tacos or ice cream make them feel better after a bad day? Through laughter and casual conversation, Brian and Jeff explore all aspects of good leadership.

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