Lauren Glenn Leadership LevelUp Podcast Episode 22

On this episode of Leadership LevelUp… “What can WE do to help THEM be at their best?”

On this episode of Leadership Level Up, Olivet Women’s Basketball Coach Laruen Glenn returns to the show to discuss the importance of staying present as well as how becoming a mother has impacted her life.

For Coach Glenn, her players’ ability to stay focused is all about their ability to manage their energy levels. With an emphasis on self-awareness, she explains to host Jeff Williamson the strategies she’s discovered that best help her players stay positive and present – and how these lessons apply life outside of the basketball court.

Glenn also reflects on how becoming a Mother, saying “Getting married will show you how selfish you are, having a child will make you do something about it.” If you enjoy this episode of Leadership Level Up, be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss future conversations we have with great leaders!

Meet Your Guest

Lauren Glenn

Coach Lauren Glenn currently serves as the Head Women’s Basketball Coach for Olivet Nazarene University. She has been coaching for 16 years, spending 11 of those years at Olivet. Coach Glenn also works as a professor at Olivet, teaching classes on leadership, sports training, as well as directing internships for the Exercise Science Department. She has also worked as a sports trainer and is a member of the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association.

Born In Phoenix, Arizona, in her free time Glenn enjoys outdoor activities such as biking and camping as well as traveling.

About the Leadership LevelUp Podcast

Being a boss and a leader are very different. A boss tells you what to do and a leader partners with you in the process. Jeff, being a leader of leaders, has a vast knowledge of best practices and exercises to discover leadership traits. Brian shares stories with Jeff about the ups and downs of his leadership quest while talking to business and community leaders to discuss their personal leadership journey. Who influenced them? What do they do when they have a bad day? What gives them inspiration? Do french fries or tacos or ice cream make them feel better after a bad day? Through laughter and casual conversation, Brian and Jeff explore all aspects of good leadership.

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Jeff Williamson

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