Jake LaMore On The Leadership LevelUp Podcast - Episode 20

“Leadership isn’t a baton pass, it isn’t about me or what I know better.”

On this episode of the Leadership Level Up podcast, Jake LaMore joins the show to discuss his start in media as well as his journey to find his leadership style.

LaMore has recently found himself in a leadership role, hiring interns for his show, The Kankakee Podcast. Jake details how he has learned to avoid micromanaging every aspect of his podcast, and outlines the importance of letting his interns do things their own way. Jake, Jeff, and Brian go on to discuss strategies they use to maintain a collaborative leadership style.

“I’m not doing them any favors if I’m not letting them go through the process of actually doing.”

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Meet Your Guest

Jake LaMore

Jake LaMore has been the host of multiple podcasts, including Bangarang Radio, Pop-Punk & Pizza, and, most recently, The Kankakee Podcast. Born and raised in Kankakee County, LaMore was interested in media since childhood, and attended the Illinois Center for Broadcasting, now called the Illinois Media School. 

He started his first podcast, Bangarang Radio, and found the medium to be rewarding. However, after a few years, Jake decided to narrow his focus. Calling upon his experience as a musician, he started Pop-Punk & Pizza, a music podcast. Later, remembering his grandmother’s stories about Kankakee County, Jake launched The Kankakee Podcast. Beginning in 2021, the podcast has steadily grown and serves to document Kankakee County’s history past, present and future. 

Jake lives in Kankakee County and his company LaMore Media produces podcasts and offers podcast production studio rental.

About the Leadership LevelUp Podcast

Being a boss and a leader are very different. A boss tells you what to do and a leader partners with you in the process. Jeff, being a leader of leaders, has a vast knowledge of best practices and exercises to discover leadership traits. Brian shares stories with Jeff about the ups and downs of his leadership quest while talking to business and community leaders to discuss their personal leadership journey. Who influenced them? What do they do when they have a bad day? What gives them inspiration? Do french fries or tacos or ice cream make them feel better after a bad day? Through laughter and casual conversation, Brian and Jeff explore all aspects of good leadership.

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Jeff Williamson

Brian Prairie

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