Bill Guertin On The Leadership LevelUp Podcast - Episode 19

Leadership isn’t something that you are born with, it’s a skill to develop over time. For Bill Guertin, he cites mentors that greeted his mistakes with grace and forgiveness as instrumental to his growth as a leader. 

Sitting down with Dr. Jeff Williamson, Bill describes his early professional career, the importance of his mentors, and how the lessons he’s learned have influenced his leadership philosophy. Bill demonstrates a self awareness that allows insights into potential blindspots leaders may have, and provides strategies to counteract them.

“It’s the ability to place your ego aside and allow for others to shine – and to take joy in others shining.”

Listen to Bill and Jeff discuss this and more on this episode of Leadership Level Up!

Meet Your Guest

Bill Guertin

Bill Guertin is an entrepreneur who has spent his career in sales and marketing. In 2004, he started his own company, 800-Pound Gorilla Inc., to consult with professional sports franchises regarding marketing and ticket sales. His company, and his sub-brand, Stadium Gorilla, has consulted for teams in all major US sports and many Division 1 collegiate teams.

Bill is a certified virtual presenter and was the President of the Illinois chapter of the National Speakers Association. He attended St. Joseph’s College of Indiana and resides in Kankakee County.

About the Leadership LevelUp Podcast

Being a boss and a leader are very different. A boss tells you what to do and a leader partners with you in the process. Jeff, being a leader of leaders, has a vast knowledge of best practices and exercises to discover leadership traits. Brian shares stories with Jeff about the ups and downs of his leadership quest while talking to business and community leaders to discuss their personal leadership journey. Who influenced them? What do they do when they have a bad day? What gives them inspiration? Do french fries or tacos or ice cream make them feel better after a bad day? Through laughter and casual conversation, Brian and Jeff explore all aspects of good leadership.

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Jeff Williamson

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