Types Of Professional Coaching & Why It Matters

With rapid changes in the corporate world, professional coaching is a hot topic. Professional coaching encompasses a series of conversations or training that focuses on individual growth and development.

With this coaching, companies are able to stay up to date with latest management changes as well as the development of their employees. There are a variety of different types of professional coaching. These include team coaching, integral coaching, and executive coaching.

Why Professional Coaching?

What exactly is coaching in the workplace? It’s a training method that prompts leaders to clearly address objectives and support their teams, giving them space to communicate and receive guidance. In fact, coaching is a proven method for increasing individual performance. And organizations are moving beyond the “one coach, one executive” approach. Instead, teams are considering multiple coaching approaches to drive accountability, development, and performance at all levels.

Let’s take a closer look at each type of how they can be of benefit to your organization.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching refers to role-specific or leadership training designed to assist executives with positive leadership development and to enhance their reputation and ability to succeed at the highest level. This type of coaching involves professional and personal development of the executives.

One way executive coaching can help your organization is during important transitions. When there is a change in management or internal movement, executive coaching can help guide individuals through the transitions and improve their leadership performance. By improving their performance, they will be able to lead better and develop themselves individually – and in return, guide their team better.

This coaching process entails creating assessments and development plans that allows for the business plan to be kept at the forefront. Overall, through executive training, individuals will be able to think differently and improve their organization at its very peak.

Integrated Coaching

Integrated coaching allows for broader, on-going leadership development. This is an approach that embeds coaching sessions into — or wrapped around — a broader leadership development program or initiative. Specifically, it can reiterate topics and or lessons that were learned in leadership training, group coaching, conferences, and the like.

This can include 1:1 encouragement, motivation, and accountability leaders need — before, during, and after a leadership program  — this ensures better and accelerated learning and lasting outcomes.

Integrated coaching could be effective for a group of senior employees or specifically managers within the organization. This coaching would allow for coaching sessions to take place with that individualized group from the company.

Though often over a shorter term than executive coaching engagements, this type of coaching in the workplace can help ensure that leadership development learnings “stick.”

Team Coaching

Team coaching is effective at all levels — from the C-suite to front-line teams. This coaching involves a single coach working with a team of individuals, giving each member the opportunity to stretch beyond their current abilities.

This helps teams within a company build better relationships – ensuring they can work well together. Teams will learn skills that help with team building as well as camaraderie and overall company moral.

High performing individuals are positive additions to a team – team coaching helps foster that growth. Through team coaching, a variety of topics will be discussed revolving around team building, positive relationships and high performance. This may also include methods that are less scripted; such as, helping a project team interact more effectively or facilitating a process that evolves in unplanned ways. 


Overall coaching within the company improves employee’s interactions with each other, as well as customers and clients they interact with. Pursuing professional coaching for your company will produce profitable results, both individually and for the company as a whole. 

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