Unveiling Your Leadership Style for the New Year

As we step into a new year, the importance of introspection becomes paramount, particularly for leaders shaping the course within workplaces and circles of influence. While we readily reflect on the leadership style(s) we’ve experienced, it’s equally crucial to pause and assess the type of leadership style we bring to the table. In this blog, we embark on a journey of self-discovery, delving into various leadership styles that hold the power to transform teams and individuals alike. From the visionary realms of transformational leadership to the empathetic embrace of servant leadership, each style offers unique insights into fostering innovation, collaboration, and personal development.

In the new year, spending time reflecting on the type of leadership you possess will greatly impact your team, because it will place you in a position to better serve them by growing yourself.

Join us as we navigate the nuanced landscape of leadership, paving the way for a year of growth, authenticity, and impactful guidance.

Leadership Style

Transformational Leadership:

  • This leadership style believes in the concept of transforming anything into something better. Transformational leaders provide team members with opportunities to explore different ideas and approaches. These leaders create vision and are often found fostering innovative ways to lead their business and others. They lead others by motivating them to look beyond and toward the greater good, and often do so by working that way themselves, which allows their people to feel empowered as well.

Servant Leadership:

  • Servant leaders care greatly about the well-being and overall development of their people. They want to lead them by offering their support, guidance, and any resources that will allow their people to feel confident and successful in their particular craft.

Democratic Leadership:

  • Democratic leaders find ways to involve their people in the process, because it allows for a combined sense of ownership in the work they are doing. They greatly value the opinions and input when it comes to planning and decision making, allowing for a true team feel.

Authentic Leadership:

  • Authentic leaders value honesty and transparency and value the integrity of not only themselves, but the company and their people. By their ability to stay true to themselves, they empower others to approach their work and lives the same way.

Coaching Leadership:

  • Coaching leadership places heavy value on the overall development of specific skills and strengths, finding ways to help develop those skills in and out of the workplace. Coaching leadership understands that when their people are growing, their business is growing and they are better able to serve those through their work, because they are living to their strengths.

Charismatic Leadership:

  • Charismatic leaders are appealing to follow, because they possess the ability to inspire all of those around them. Be it their charm, their confidence, or their expert communication skills, charismatic leaders connect with others in a way that truly inspires them. 

In this new year, what kind of leader do you hope to be?

Great leaders never stop growing and learning.

Professional coaching is one great resource to utilize for both developed leaders as well as new leaders.

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