Establishing Leaders From Within

Establishing Leaders From Within And Keeping Them On Your Team

A good leader that checks all the boxes can be hard to come by – which is why it’s important for current leaders to be in the mindset of establishing new and upcoming leaders.

When a strong leader contender is on your team, you don’t want to lose them. Studies have shown that leaders that are engaged and motivated within a company are much less likely to leave the organization and more likely to seek growth opportunities from within.

To reach this goal, a successful leader that is already in place needs to be in a mindset of establishing new leaders to create a long line of leaders from within the organization.

Keep In Mind

Losing good people is expensive. In 2017, Gallup estimated replacing one employee to cost anywhere from half to double that person’s annual salary. That translates to between $660,000 to $2.6 million per year for a 100-person organization with an average salary of $50,000.

If all the statistics point in the favor of keeping great leaders, how does a company do just that? Here are a few tips to keep successful leaders on your team and continue to have successful leaders in charge. 

Pinpoint Potential Leaders

Potential leaders might be more prone to take the initiative or have the natural ability to lead and inspire others. To find the team members who would make excellent leaders, look for employees who demonstrate leadership qualities — problem-solving skills, teamwork, communication and a desire to learn and grow. Consider employees from different backgrounds and levels of the organization since they may bring unique perspectives and approaches to leadership. Open communication within your organization will make it easier to identify employees with leadership potential wherever they may be.

Allow Leaders Autonomy

While it can be easy to think of a mold that a leader should fit in and be, having leaders that also can be their authentic selves helps keep them on your team. It is unrealistic to expect leaders to adhere to specific thoughts and beliefs within an organization. There should be values and direction as an organization that leaders can then lead off of in their unique way. Leaders that can be themselves allow them to want to stay. 

Challenge Leaders

Pay attention to how employees handle challenges and interact with others. Do they take the initiative and step up as leaders or shy away from leadership roles? Potential leaders may be evident in how they communicate and handle conflict. Team players known for their proactive attitudes who think outside the box and are motivated to get things done would be perfect candidates.

A challenge can always be a segue into growth especially as a leader. Through experiences that challenge them, they develop new skills which then leads into evolved leadership for the good of the company. Through the engagement of tougher tasks, leaders won’t become complacent and look for something new. Keeping leaders on their toes in ways that challenges them is a positive way to gain retention of those leaders. By creating a challenge for leaders, it allows them to solve an issue in their own personal way and empowered them to make decisions for themselves as well as designate tasks to colleagues where they see fit

Promote Leadership Coaching

Executive coaching is a great investment that organizations can make. This investment allows for leaders to continue establishing leaders by first dialing in on their own leadership. Executive coaching resembles mentorship – through this type of coaching, leaders are coached by professionals that specialize in leadership growth and development. Through this, leaders are then able to mentor the next generation of leaders through their experiences.

Converge specializes in just that. We want your leaders to exceed and grow. Through our various types of coaching, we help your business accelerate their growth.

Building leaders from within our teams develops the talent and potential of our employees in a way that creates value for the company. Work from with and build up your team and potential leaders – play to and help develop their strengths, positively engage with them, support their goals, and guide them through their professional development.

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