The Benefits Of Listening To Podcasts

Still on their rise, podcasts are trending as an entertainment option for individuals and an enterprise solution for organizations. The podcast medium has created endless opportunities for growth and connection across a multitude of avenues. For this reason, the benefits of listening to podcasts are also endless.

Podcasts may be relatively new in the world of social media, however, podcasts have grown exponentially over the last nine years. It was estimated that in 2019, about 51% of the population had listened to a podcast at some point in their life. More recently, the latest study shows 57% of U.S. consumers listen to podcasts, and 78% are familiar with the medium.

Podcasting has grown drastically and steadily since it began in the early 2000s. The continually rise of listeners can be partially due to the wide variety of podcast topics and purposes. While some may listen to podcasts as a form of entertainment or to pass the time by, studies have shown that listening to podcasts actually have some exceptional mental benefits as well as general benefits.

Why Podcasts

Gone are the days when you skimmed through radio stations on repeat, trying desperately to find something worthwhile to occupy your brain and ears. Whether on a long commute, during a workout, in-between meetings, getting ready in the morning, while cooking diner, and every space in-between, there’s a podcast to fill the space.

Anything you are interested in — from quantum physics to stand-up comedy to stories of love and loss — can be found and enjoyed at the tap of a finger.

What may be even more appealing is WHO is talking. That business professional you’ve always followed, a industry leader you admire, your favorite celebrity, even your colleague or neighbor.

Here are a few more reasons why listening to podcasts is beneficial.

Podcasts Are Multi-Task Friendly

A benefit of listening to podcasts is that they serve as a great tool for multitasking. Podcasts are versatile and “on the move” friendly. Whether you’re out for a walk, cleaning the house, or laying at the beach, podcasts can go where you go.

Not only that, but they also serve as a form of entertainment and relief while you work. Chances are that you will have a more enjoyable time doing mundane tasks when simultaneously listening to a podcast. For example, while working through your morning to-do list you may want to listen to a light-hearted, story-based podcast. While when working out you may listening to something that stimulates your thoughts and keeps your mind occupied. Your work commute may then be filled with informative, recent events, had-hitting content.

In that last area, it allows you to double dip. Where you may not have the time to watch the news, read the newspaper, catch up on the latest reports, you an effectively double your time and stay informed via podcasts.

Podcasts Are Educational & Informative

The main purpose of podcasts is to entertain – and they can entertain in more than one way. Many published podcasts serve as a way to educate or inform the listener – but still tie back to an entertainment approach.

When producing content, the podcast serves as a way to communicate an idea to a large sum of people across a large range. It’s providing accessible information and content to the average user. It allows access to education, insight, growth, communication, inspiration, and information we may not be able to obtain otherwise. Plus, in podcast form, the information is easily digestible, can be heard in a familiar voice, and allows us the chance to feel like we are a part of the conversation.

From a formal business perspective, they serve as a benefit to where you currently are. This can look like staying up with “current events” – including shifts in trends and industry updates that can benefit the businessperson who stays in-the-know. 

From a hobby and passion standpoint, they serve as an avenue for new knowledge and as a creative-outlet. This can stimulate our creativity and can do so in an easily-digestible manner. Podcasters know they don’t have long to hold a listener’s attention, and so they often speak with focus and intention. This brings listeners a clear and concise message on the topic and can keep them engaged and coming back for more.

Podcasts serve to continually educate us no matter our current career, education, title, passions, lifestyle, family dynamic, you name it. There is no doubt that whatever the subject you are interested in, there is a podcast for it. Or, if you find yourself truly passionate and experienced in a topic or industry, consider starting one yourself to broaden the conversation.

To Motivate And Inspire

In a rut? Creative block? Feeling stuck in your current role? Unsure of next steps?

Step out of your own mind, out of the area of concern, and plug in to a podcast.

Even if you have hundreds of ideas swimming around in your head, it can take a lot of self-discipline to set goals and complete the necessary steps to achieve them. By listening to motivational podcasts, you can gain the optimism and motivation needed to make each day count.

This remains true when listening to educational podcasts. They can get your mind in the right place to feel that shift in inspiration and bring about a new determination. By listening to stories that feel familiar – but from a new perspective – you can gain ideas on how to progress in your own career or navigate the now.

Podcasts Can Be An Escape

Many choose not to listen to career or industry based podcasts when not at work. This allows them an escape from that routine and keep their minds refreshed in their downtime. It allows them to escape the day behind them and start the next with a clear mind.

Some people do not feel the same escape while reading books or watching TV. But podcasts allow them to find that release from reality and clearing of their minds.

This draws a direct line into self-care. You can invest in yourself through podcasts simply by learning or giving you an avenue to decompress. Or, you could listen to self-care specific podcasts that’ll help you cope with the world around you. 

Storytelling In Podcasts

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of podcasts is that through podcasts, stories continue to be told.

Stories play a vital role in all types of relationships today. Through podcasts, storytelling continues to be passed down and told throughout the world – and made even more accessible across the lines.

We are people made up of endless stories to tell. Most times, these stories resonate with others and allow for a sense of connection and community. Podcasts have become a new medium to share and connect over those stories.

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