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Who Can I Trust?

How do I know I can trust you? Who can I trust? How do I identify whether trust is a big risk or not? Excellent questions that probably all of us…

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Key Factors That Impact Trust

In my last blog on trust we considered an excellent question raised by a young professional who is in her 20’s. She raised a good question: How do we build trust in an environment that seems to have a lot of turnover?

In that article, I referenced 3 key questions to consider, drawn from Hurley’s (2006) article in the Harvard Business Review. He explains that for the truster (the person choosing to trust another) there are three Decision-Maker Factors posed in these initial questions:

How risk-tolerant is the Truster?How well-adjusted is the Truster?How much relative power does the Truster have in the situation?

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Trust pt. 2

Who can I trust with all this turnover?

After my last blog on most of us having trust issues, I was talking to a young professional, in her 20’s about the idea of trust. She raised a terrific question: How do we build trust in an environment that seems to have a lot of turnover? That got me to thinking.

If we have a smaller, to mid-size team that works in fairly close proximity and we all know each other, it can be a setback when one or two people take another position and leave the team.

In the gig-economy, with the so-called “war for talent” and the increasing mobility of smart, talented people it gets tougher all the time to have the kind of continuity and longevity that most of us desire in our organizations. So, what are we to do when we need to grow trust, and perhaps even recover from feeling a little bit hurt when a team member moves on?

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We Have Trust Issues

If you haven’t noticed recently, there seem to be some issues in the business world and our culture with trust. It can surface in a lot of places, including communities, corporations, politics, and government. It can also play out in the day-to-day of our own workplaces with supervisors, peers, and friends.

Regardless of how you stack it up, trust is critically important to the foundation, growth and success of any group or organization. When we see corrupt, unethical practices take place and trust is broken (think Wells-Fargo) the damage is costly to revenues, brand respect, and public perceptions.

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You Are a Brand


For the last five years, I’ve taught an undergraduate course at the university near where I live. The course is called Fundamentals of Fundraising, and is offered in the School of Business, as a part of the Business/Non-Profit Management track.

I think most of the students would tell you (after taking the class), that it wasn’t what they expected. Yes, they learn about the process of writing grants, researching foundations, developing annual fund programs, planning donor/constituent events, relationship building, etc. There is, however, a message I give them on Night 1 of the class that they don’t usually expect. I look at the room full of 20-somethings, pause and say “You…Are…A…Brand”.

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Freedom to Choose

A while back, I was heading into an important speaking engagement that offered a lot of opportunity. For me, it was a big deal, and was definitely the most daunting event I had spoken at, for a number of reasons. At the same time, it was exciting to have an opportunity to speak to a group of high-level professionals who I felt could benefit from what I had to share with them.

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I Love Millenials pt.2

In my last post, I stated “I LOVE MILLENIALS” (I really do) and offered some different perspectives to perhaps pivot the conversation to the positives, and away from the overused stereotypes and negative commentaries. Every generation has unique needs, experiences, and events that shape them, and my friends in the Millenial category are no different. Each generation of young men and women inherit the culture, technology, and values that we instill in them. That’s as true now as it was in the 40’s after World War II ended.

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I Love Millenials pt.1

I LOVE MILLENIALS!!!…..there… I said it.

Seriously, I love them. I love their energy, creative minds, fresh perspectives, and a willingness to engage their communities and critical issues that are important to them. I work pretty much every day of my life with lots and lots of millennials. Because of that, and the good I see in them, please pardon my fatigue with some pretty harsh stereotypes and statements in my news feeds, about my twenty-something and early 30’s friends and colleagues.

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Giving Life to Your Vision

‘Before something can become a habit, it must first be practiced as a discipline…On a daily basis, effective servant leaders recalibrate their commitment to their vision-purpose, picture of the future, and values’…

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No Regrets

“Without fail, people feel compelled to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do because of your age. Don’t listen to them. Successful people certainly don’t. They follow their heart…

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